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Thursday, May 3, 2012

french inspired boy's room

Recently I have been trying to finish off a few rooms in my home and photograph them.
Today I thought I would show you B2's bedroom.
I started planning this bedroom probably a year before we even started the Bungalow.
It was originally going to be shared by B2 and B3 but we had to change our original plans for the Bungalow on the advice of our plumber, due to having to connect the toilet to the septic tank.
This change in design meant that we ended up with enough space for an extra bedroom.
When I was originally thinking about this for two boys I asked them their favourite colour, 
one said blue the other said green.
When I thought of these two colours together it gave me a theme of the earth, 
a world map on the wall, lots of globes etc.
I bought green and blue blankets for the beds when I saw them on sale, to go with the vintage chenille bedspreads I got off eBay.
So when the plans changed and it was going to just be B2's bedroom I had to alter my design.
I kept the chenille and the blue and green blankets, but went with a more Parisian theme because B2 loves the Eiffel tower and has a desire to see it one day.
Finding Parisian boy stuff is not easy.

I searched eBay and was fortunate enough to score this vintage travel poster, from the 60's of Paris, from the US.
The only problem was that it didn't fit into a standard poster frame, so after much debate and ideas being thrown around we ended up making the frame ourselves- or rather VCH and B2 made the frame to my specifications!
It was finally hung the other day and so I have now been able to photograph it.

 With a window behind me it was not easy to photograph this room without getting reflections from the glass.

 This is his desk.
VCH made it out of pallets for the computers when the big boys shared the large space that has now been divided into two rooms.

 I picked up the lamp at a garage sale, the globe is a vintage eBay find along with the little Eiffel towers,
the C is from Typo and the ampersand is from Lincraft.

 The Eiffel tower here was a find at a local cheap shop, the notepad was again from Typo and the old chippy picture of the Arc de Triomphe was another garage sale find for $2.
This is his wardrobe.
VCH made it back when B1 and B2 shared a room,
 it matched their beach hut theme, 
we repainted it white.
He has his hats hung on the side.

This is his laundry basket,
I got it from Bunnings, I liked the burlap look, and rope handles on the side.
I then added
panier a linge sale
which means dirty laundry basket in French.

You have of course seen the bookshelf  I finished the other day.

He is a neat freak and loves everything just so, very sparse and uncluttered.
I would love to add a few more pictures and a cork board / notice board above his desk, but he won't let me and at the end of the day I have to step back and let him be happy in his own space.

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  1. How lucky for B2 that your plans changed and also that they are open to decorating ideas from you. The paris theme is lovely. My nine year old has his own ideas about how his room should be and lets just say we are not on the same page.

    1. and that it exactly why you will probably never see photos of B1's bedroom on this blog, his idea of decorating is how many clothes and muddy shoes can I toss on the floor and how much junk can I pile on my desk!

  2. Hi, Deanne! I'm stopping by from Desire Empire to say hello! I love your decorating style and that you LOVE JESUS! Hurray! It's so nice to meet you! I'll be following you from now on! Please stop by any time and say hello!

  3. Hi Deanne, Love B2 bedroom...I am enjoying your blog I came accross from No Minimalist Here....Looking forward to reading more.

  4. I like. I am also very inclined towards french things and actually have that same eiffel tower. I live in Australia too.

  5. Hi Deanne, Just found your beautiful blog over at my friends Carolyns Desire Empire. Looking forward now to following you xx

  6. Hi Deanne Sweetie...
    I found your blog through Carolyns Desire Empire. I am so darn tickled. What a wonderful decorator you are. You have certainly set my mind in motion with ideas. I love to be inspired by others.

    Your pool house is divine, and I love the benches made from the recycled fence wood. Your pots that you painted with chalkboard paint so each could be labeled are delightful. So much fun.

    Loved seeing the touches to your boy's rooms as well. So talented dear friend.

    I am your newest follower, as I can't wait to see what you share next. Have a glorious weekend dear friend, country hugs, Sherry

  7. Hello

    Really like your pictures. My 5 boys would like your wardrobe :) but I think they would want to play in it rather than hang clothes, and there is absolutely no chance it would all stay so lovely and White!


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