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Saturday, May 5, 2012

crate love

 You know your husband gets you when he brings home from work things like old wood crates because he thinks you might like them for something!

He knows these things make my heart skip a beat.
He knows these things are better than a bunch of flowers (well almost!)
I am so lucky to have a great husband who gets me.
Even if he doesn't always understand the crazy things I want to buy or want him to make
- he will still come along for the ride and trusts me to make it great in the end!

Last week he met me during his lunch hour at the local second hand building yard and let me buy the thing I wanted even when we are not supposed to be spending this month.
Then today he took me garage saling and something we bought wasn't quite the right size, but they had another at the same garage sale that would be so he drove back into town to see if they still had it.
In a twist of irony it had been sold to people who really wanted the one we bought- if only I could find them to swap!
He made me something last week and then let me paint it and then let me make it look chippy and old even if it was brand new!

Very Clever Husband is also Very Sweet and Very Understanding Husband!

I am so glad he gets me and is my crate oops GREAT love!

I have some fab things to show you next week so stay tuned.


  1. You are ver blessed indeed Deanne, VCH is a true gem.

  2. yep....he is a gem. I have a real jewel too. Sometimes he just shakes his head but doesn't say anything. :)

  3. He sounds wonderful. Looking forward to your reveals next week. No doubt they will be ab fab.

  4. PS I love old wooden boxes too but can't seem to find any at reasonable prices in Sydney. A trip to the country sounds in order.


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