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Friday, April 27, 2012

wing man

WARNING: if injuries and stitches make you squeamish don't read any further.

Some days there is just way too much male testosterone in our house!

Two boys having a "discussion" that involved some pushing and shoving and both of them landed on top of a bed, where a clock with a glass face happened to be sitting and the boy on the bottom's elbow went through the glass.

 A trip to the doctors surgery and three stitches later, 

 said child is now sitting out of most activities and will miss soccer for this week and possibly next.
Big brother is very busy doing his brother's jobs as well as his own!

Child now has the nicknames, wing-man or chicken wing as he walks around with a bent arm.


  1. Seems like appropriate consequences have been "allocated"....hopefully more discretion and wisdom will be seen in any future "discussions", and no glass items be left on beds....

  2. Ouch. Looks really painful. Praying for a fast recovery for wingman.

  3. !Eeek! I'll bet that scuffle ended REAL fast!


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