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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a very special day

 A few weeks ago VCH and I attended a very special wedding at a nearby seaside village.
One of my school friends was getting married.
A group of us with husbands in tow arranged to stay at a holiday house for the weekend.
We helped her set up and decorate the reception as well as the local hall for the after party.

The weather was a bit iffy, but thankfully it was just a little overcast with no rain.

 It was so lovely to see these two get married, 
it has taken them some time to find each other.

Here we are on the beach getting a photo taken of our shoes.
Now which one is mine?

Did you guess correctly?
Yep the pink flower ones are mine- aren't they cute!

 I thought I should include a photo of our handsome husbands- so they don't feel left out!

 She looked absolutely stunning,

and it was so nice to see her this happy!

 Keeping with a seaside theme there were fishbowls, shells and frangipanis.

Gifts to the guests were jars of local honey from their bee hives- I have never tasted better honey in my life!

 A beautiful cupcake stand,

enjoying a bite of cake.

 After the reception the guests played barefoot bowls.

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!
Wishing them a life time of happiness together!


  1. What a beautiful occasion. I've never heard of barefoot bowls, and your shoes were the prettiest!!

    1. Thanks Anita,
      I love my shoes too!

      Barefoot bowls is a social game of lawn bowls that is played in bare feet so that you don't hurt the green by wearing shoes. People who play lawn bowls all the time have the correct footwear and would wear them during a match. As the reception was held at the local bowling club it was a fun way to end the day!


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