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Sunday, April 22, 2012

soccer girl

This week The Girl, joined her brothers as a soccer player.
Saturday morning at 8:30am saw her play her first game, well actually she played three mini 15 minute games, as they do in what they call Small Sided Games or SSG for short.
The children have five a side and no goalie, 
the rules are modified with kick ins rather than throw in etc.
She has been begging to be allowed to play soccer for two years, 
but you have to be five to play so she has been counting down the days since she turned five to her first game.

What a sad face!
She slipped down the wet steps in her soccer boots on the way out the door, thankfully a big brother was there to cuddle her better!

 Here she is at the field with her team shirt on.
Do you like her purple soccer boots?
She wanted me to buy them last year, 
but I told her she had to wait as her foot would grow 
and she wouldn't fit them when it was time to play soccer.

 Instructions from the coach before dividing them up into two teams.

 On the field waiting for kick off.

Obviously it is all taking too long.

She played really well and scored 4 goals over the 3 games.
I don't have any action shots to share as I was too busy yelling encouragement.
She was a goer and didn't stop, she had a very red face by the end!


  1. She must have felt very pleased with herself at the end of the morning.

  2. sounds like you have a future soccer star there! it's a great game, my son played from about that age. good to see girls getting into it.

  3. She looks so cute in her uniform! They all look so tiny out there playing, but so cute! I bet she had a lot of fun! Love the pic of her with big brother, so sweet!


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