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Friday, April 6, 2012


Every year we sit down to a Passover meal on the Thursday night before Good Friday.

We spent the day cleaning the house and making preparations.
The Girl snapped this photo of me setting the table.

 Here we have a jug for gravy, haroset (a mix of apple, nuts and honey) GF flat bread, horseradish, and parsley in salt water.

 I kept the table simple in keeping with the Last Supper.

 The Girl dressed and ready.

 The Girl again with the camera taking a photo of me making the gravy!

 The food, Middle Eastern Roast lamb, roasted vegetables and Brussels sprouts.

Sitting down for our meal.
We read the Last Supper in the Bible, we chose the Gospel of Luke this year.
Broke the bread and drank the wine and thought of our Lord's last hours on Earth.

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  1. She looks so beautiful in that skirt. I bet all those boys love her to bits.

    What a lovely celebration it looks

    Have a great weekend


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