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Friday, April 13, 2012

little rose tee

 Here is a cute little project I did for The Girl.
But before I start- do you like the mirror and hooks?
I picked it up from a garage sale last year and have been waiting very patiently for the last couple of weeks for VCH to remember to buy the right screws to put it up on the wall in my sewing room!

So back to my story... 
The Girl and I had a date for ice cream the other week - as a special treat because she has been so good at keeping her room clean and after we finished our ice cream we wandered up the street and had a little look in Cotton On.
I saw this very cute skirt for $24.95- which is way more than I would usually pay for something like this but it was so cute and so The Girl that I thought why not! 
Imagine my surprise when I got to the checkout to find that it had been reduced to $10! 

I also picked up this plain white long sleeve tee- that looked quite boring but it was only $5 on sale as well.

 So I fiddled with some scrap fabric and made this little rose to dress it up!
Now she has a cute little set, that goes with the cute little ballet style shoes that we also bought at Cotton On!
She is pictured here wearing the skirt and shoes.

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  1. Deanne this is lovely. I'm thinking about learning to sew again. I did at school but have forgotten everything.

    Your creation looks lovely and how good is it to get a bargain on that sweet skirt.

    So pretty. I'll have a look at her in it on the way out.

  2. cotton on is great for kids. she looks gorgeous in the skirt & love the fabric rose you made. :)

  3. Mother and daughter both delighted I'm sure.


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