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Thursday, February 23, 2012

the party.....the fun

So far we have seen the set up, the food, the cake and now we will see the actual party.

Seven little girls came to help The Girl celebrate her 5th Birthday.

 The Birthday Girl herself.

Miss Jelly Bean came with her hat, gloves and handbag, doesn't she look gorgeous!

 Playing pass the parcel

 Musical Chairs

Musical statues

Sitting down with their party hats on ready for morning tea
 The mums chatting.

 Opening the gifts.

 Ready to cut the cake, 
the breeze blew up and the candles wouldn't light so she ended up blowing out a match.

Cutting the cake
 Every little girl took home a cup, saucer and plate and a pink lollipop with a little thank you card.

 So ends the "Great Garden Tea Party" series.

Thank you to Erin for taking some of the photos while I was busy with the party.

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  1. The pleasure was all mine. and thank you for taking the photo of my girl, now I have one for memories:) the children were all keen to see her particularly those who missed before.

    The whole party looked splendid! Lovely time, amazed me at how gentle the whole little girl only atmosphere was.

  2. Wow what a fun party!! My daughter wants to have a tea party, but I think we will have to wait till she is older. Thanks for the reminder of the "pass the parcel" game, I remember playing that as a teenager and loving it! You did a fabulous party it all looks so lovely!

  3. Gorgeous girls.... and all wearing dresses! Love the idea of them taking home their own tea cup, saucer and plate set. Much better than a dose of lollies and something for them to treasure.

    1. I asked them to come in their prettiest party dress on the invitation!

  4. Seems they all had a delightful time. Like Robyn, I love the idea of sending each girl home with a tea cup, saucer and plate set so they can remember and relive the tea party.

  5. Awww, what a sweet party. It looks so fun.

  6. Little girls birthday parties are such fun and the girls were just beautiful in thier finest. What a great idea to give out tea sets as party reminders, so much better than the candies or plastic things they usually go home with and they will be cherished for many years to come. Your cake is awesome I will be getting out my icing equipment and giving it a go myself.
    Thankyou for visiting my blog and for suggesting your cafe series equipment, I will be looking into them in the near future, I hate this throw away society too, I especially hate having to buy most things from off shore makers, when we could be making quality things ourselves in this great land in which we live..
    Blessings to you thanks again for your suggestions.


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