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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the party.... the food

 Today I am going to share with you all about the food for the party.

 I served two types of cupcakes.
Gluten free vanilla with the white butter icing and pink flower.
Chocolate grain free sugar free with pink icing that definitely wasn't sugar free!
In the background are some heart shaped gluten free sugar cookies.
 A heart shaped cutter came in handy for the watermelon
(home grown too I might add).
You can also see little jelly cups (I used shot glasses) with whipped cream and pink sugar glitter.
Also at the back left are some gluten free pikelets cut into flower shapes topped with butter, natural colours sprinkles and a mini marshmallow for the centre of the pikelet.

 Little heart shaped sandwiches with a flower in the centre.

I tried to keep the drinks as sugar free as possible.
These little bottles hold raspberry cordial that I made with frozen raspberries, boiling water, rice malt syrup and some mint.
I also made tea that was in teapots and served in the tea cups.
I used Twinings raspberry, strawberry, loganberry flavoured infusions.
I simply popped the tea bags and boiling water in a jug and let it infuse for about 15 minutes with a little honey and chilled it- the little girls loved it!
I also had on hand some ice water flavoured with blueberries and mint.

I tried to keep it mainly healthy with a few little unhealthy additions.

Tomorrow the cake!

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  1. Love the heart shape watermelon - I'll try that!
    Kylie x

  2. You have done well!! Love the drinks with the stripey straws. I have been looking for these straws. Makes me hungry looking at this food. Leahx

  3. I am so so so glad you eventually "got a girl" You do the girl thing so darn well it would be a sin of you to have to focus on blues and boy stuff alone. Your party set up is divine xx


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