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Sunday, December 4, 2011

just a quick update

Just a quick little weekend post.

Firstly our babies have flown the nest. 
One was up and away the very afternoon that I posted, by the next day the other 2 had gone as well, and now we literally have an empty nest. 
I am keeping an eye out to see if I can get a photo of one of them. 
B4 tried to take one of the first baby way up in the gum tree but it's a bit blurry.

We have been working on something very exciting this weekend, something that I have been waiting VERY patiently for (well not really - I am never patient!) but never the less it is now a very exciting WIP that I hope to have finished before Christmas.
If you want a little hint- go here for my inspiration board.
I'll be sharing more about it this week.

And finally the other exciting news I had was when I went to my dashboard.
I now have 100 followers.
How exciting!
While I know lots of people are in the thousands and others seem to get to 100 a few weeks after starting a blog, it is exciting for me to finally have 100 people who like reading my blog, not that I blog for that reason, I blog just for me and a record of our family life, but it is nice to know that some people out there in blogland like what I write.

Some fun projects to share soon.. so stay tuned my precious 100.


  1. Hey Deanne, those babies are so cute. I tend to feel a little sad when they leave the nest as it always makes me think that my pickles will do the same one day and I just not ready for
    x Marnie

  2. You have me intrigued as to your project. Something sewing/decorating and pretty.

  3. To think I am excited about having 21 followers.
    Which reminds me you are welcome to pop by and look at my blog too.
    Your inspiration board is beautiful, so feminine. I remember keeping a paper wish list/ inspiration book a few years ago when we were looking to build a house this type of thing is such a great idea.
    love the birds.
    Blessings to you

  4. They are just beautiful! andrea@townandprairie


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