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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

growing fast

 Remember these baby birds from last week?

Well this is them a week on.
I had no idea that they could grow so fast!

 Here you can only see two in the nest and they hardly fit, number 3 is tucked in behind.
(Sorry the photo is a bit funny at the bottom, it uploaded that way  and as it took so long to load 1st time round I am not going back to do it again)

This photo was taken a little later in the day and the other chick is out on the ledge.

Photos 2 and 3 are by B4

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  1. That's fast! They'll be flying away before you know it.

  2. Wow. Never really watched birds in a nest. They are growing really fast.

  3. How gorgeous are they?? They'll be flying off before too long. Enjoy!! Leahx

  4. Awww sweet. We have a little nest by the door that some barn swallows use every year to hath their babies. We all LOVE watching them grow and stick their little beaks out to be fed.

    Great photos! Lisa~

  5. There is almost nothing more precious than to get to watch then grow up in literally weeks! andrea@townandprairie


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