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Saturday, November 5, 2011

more dressing up!

Dressing up is so much fun, even for adults, those teen years are probably a bit hairy though unless it is a group thing.
This year the kids chose to get dressed up for our town festival again.

 B4 dressed up as a pirate, making his own sword.

B5 went as a girl, you will notice he is wearing his sister's dress from last year, it was a bit short so we added a skirt underneath. 
He wore a pair of shoes that have been handed down from a cousin, but The Girl is yet to grow into.
The wig and lei completed the outfit.
He was so funny and lots of people stopped and looked not quite sure why this "girl" looked different.

 Here he is after with his wig off.
 The Girl chose a pink fairy dress, crown and lei.
Don't you just love the royal wave!

 VCH chose his Hawaiian shirt from last year, a battered hat, lots of coloured zinc and painted hair.
The three big boys all wore zinc and B2 and B3 had their hair sprayed, this was garish enough for them.

I forgot to get someone take a photo of me, but I wore pretty much what I did last year (see link above) except I had a red skirt and red and blue lei.
We had lots of fun going around to the markets after our free breakfast and then seeing the acts and people dressed up.
Tonight B4 has his other official duty as prince by going on a float, I will post some pictures of that early in the week.

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