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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

new favourite vegetable

I had only ever had Brussels sprouts as a child a couple of times from a packet found in the freezer section of the supermarket and I think I cooked them once when we were on a diet and they were a recommended food- they did nothing for me, but Brandi's post inspired me to try them again.
I actually didn't try her recipe first but did a bit of a Google and came up with lightly steaming them and eating them with bacon and butter.

 They were very yummy- everyone loved them, so we have been having them ever since.
I have since tried roasting them as per Brandi's recipe and they are equally delicious.
So now Brussels sprouts are a regular part of our diet and VCH has even planted them in the veggie patch, can't wait to eat our own.


  1. Looks like a delicious way to eat brussels sprouts. We might have to try it too.

  2. Hi

    Nice to make a new friend, just found your blog I will have to try this one looks great.If you get a chane please drop by and join me and say hello.

    Always Wendy

  3. Okay, I must say this is the second time this week I have read about a good sounding recipe for the green boogers. My memories of them are not so fond, my grandma used to boil them, and serve them with salt and pepper. They were slimy, and bitter, and nasty. I promise, next time I am at the store I will buy some and give it a try.

  4. Totally agree! Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. :-)

  5. I hope this doesn't seem rude, but I hate brussel sprouts. If brussel srouts were the last food on earth I'd starve to death. Just thought I'd share. Aren't you glad I'm sharing? Don't tell your kids....let them keep loving them. :) Lisa~


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