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Saturday, July 9, 2011

special guest

We had a very special guest for morning tea today.

This wonderful lady is VCH's grandmother and she is turning 100 in 12 days time.
VCH's mother and her husband brought her out for morning tea.
It was lovely to visit with them and enjoy morning tea.
We had a very big frost this morning so it was quite cool, but Great Nana enjoyed sitting in the sun and being cuddled by The Girl.

What do you think of the grey at the back of the house?
B4 put the shutters etc. up this morning and everything back in place ready for the visit.


  1. How lovely for you all and happy birthday to Great Nana in advance...that photo is adorable! The grey and white look great, too :)

  2. What a wonderful visitor to have. I hope she has a great 100 birthday celebration.

  3. Nearly 100 and looking great and agile. That's wonderful! How very special to have her in your family. The house looks good too Deanne, well done to everyone!


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