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Friday, July 8, 2011

bathroom update

I haven't shown you how the boys bathroom is coming along.
The tiles are in and the vanity, we had a little trouble with the shower screen that is a whole long story, so I will just show you how it looks so far.

 This is the shower with no screen.

 Here are the floor tiles with a feature pebble tile, that they all thought I was mad for wanting it, but now that it's in all love it!
SIGH! an artist is never appreciated in their own home!

Here is the vanity.
VCH still needs to do a tile around the bottom of the wall and tile above the vanity- I am looking out for a mirror but so far haven't found any that catch my eye so to speak.
There is a smaller version of this vanity going in the toilet with the same tap fitting, so I need a mirror for there as well.

Weekend jobs will be to grout the toilet, put the toilet and vanity in place ready for the plumber, then we will be ready to start putting the floor down in the hallway and games room before starting the two big boys rooms.
Getting there! Getting there!

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