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Sunday, June 26, 2011

when you wish you had a camera

Warning long rambling post with no pictures

Yesterday I was driving around with B2 and B3 delivering them to soccer games.
B3 was playing at a village down river and B3 at a small town further down the river. 
To get to the small town from the village you have to go on a car ferry across our beautiful river and onto one of the many islands in our river and then you drive along until you come to a bridge that crosses back over to the mainland at the small town.
I first dropped off B3 and then proceeded to the small town to drop off B2 - him and B1 were spending the afternoon refereeing down there so they were both getting a lift home (B1 was getting a lift down with another ref after he finished refereeing his morning game), so I left him there and headed back to the village so I could see some of B3's game, I have only caught a few minutes of some of his games here and there while running around with the others, so I was looking forward to watching a good uninterrupted chunk.
As I was driving over the bridge to get back onto the island I noticed how still the river was, the day was overcast and there was not a breath of wind, so the river surface was mirror-like and there on the river along with some prawn trawlers at anchor along the bank, was a lone pelican on his way across the river. 
His reflection was perfect and his wake trailed behind him. 
OHH what a perfect photo- but alas I hadn't packed my camera!!!

Back over the ferry to the village to watch B3's game- he played very, very well- I am so impressed with how his game has improved! 
They won 3-1 despite being short and with no reserves!
As B3 and I headed back home we decided to take the scenic route that goes along the river bank, as we came across a field on a corner, we spied 2 brolgas and then 2 more brolgas- we had tried to find these brolgas the year before when they were in the area to do their mating dance, but couldn't find them and then without even looking there they were - alas I had no camera, we tried to take a photo on my phone, but without zooming in you couldn't really see them and it was a lost cause.

The moral of this long rambling tale is:

To find out more about our beautiful dancing Brolgas go here and here:


  1. That's almost as frustrating as having your camera and finding the battery dead. I carry a spare charged battery for my main camera as I don't want that to happen.

    When I'm caught without my camera I tell myself that God provided the "photo opportunity" for my eyes only and rejoice in it being a private moment of his love.

  2. I carry my camera on my handbag all the time now. O have had a couple of similar experiences


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