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Thursday, June 23, 2011

sensory playdough

My little ones love playdough and had been begging me for quite some time to make some.
I went to make some the other day and realised that I was out of the cheap home brand salt I use for playdough, so it had to wait until I went shopping.
I also picked up some food colouring and a couple of essences I use in cooking that I saw while I was in the aisle.
This gave me an idea.
 I decided to make some fragrant playdough.

To the green I added peppermint essence, to the purple I added rosewater and to the orange I added lemon and orange essences.
I found it better to add the essence after it was cooked and during the knead I like to give it once it is slightly cool and just before I pop it into a zip lock bag.

 The little ones thought it was great fun.

For my playdough recipe go here:

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  1. My younger three like play dough too. Adding essence is a great idea. I use the same recipe as you but we use boiled water. It comes together in a mixing bowl that way.


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