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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

garage finds

When cleaning out the old shed to move stuff into the new shed VCH found some treasures for me.

First was this old wooden crate, it is actually being held together by wire, which I think just adds to its charm.
VCH thinks it either came from my mum's or his grandfather with some old tools in it.
Not quite sure what I will do with it yet, but if you give me a minute or two I sure I will come up with something.

The next item was this old metal funnel, VCH thinks it came from my mum's in amongst some old tools.

Lastly was this old Schweppes soda water bottle.
VCH thinks he picked this up at a garage sale years ago and he had some vision of trying to use it.
He knew I would love it and want to keep it when he found it- I think he knows me too well!
I love the way the label is etched onto the glass

and how this paper label is still intact, it even has a few drops of water still in it and the hose bit in the middle is made of glass.
It is now proudly on display on the wash stand in my dining room

So girls clean out your sheds, you never know what gorgeous vintage finds are lurking beneath all the junk!

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  1. I wish I had some hidden treasure like that somewhere, haha. Love the crate..., I've seen those with sea treasures in them, used kind of like a deep shadow box..., or to store anything really. Fun header!!!


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