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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

study tour

Next to our reading room is the study.
Both of these rooms are quite narrow.
The reading room was a veranda that had been semi enclosed when we bought our house 10 years ago, one of our first projects was to enclose it properly and put in the bookshelves, it wasn't until after B4 was born (he will be 9 in May) that VCH tiled all the floors in the reading room, back toilet and laundry.
Then nearly 4 years ago when The Girl was a baby we did an extension going out 3.3m along one side of our house adding a new kitchen, veranda and the study.
It is only a small room (3.3m x 2.5m) but we tried to make the most of the space . 
VCH built in a work station around two large cupboards, one holding art craft supplies the other holding stationary and my home schooling things (curriculum books, folders student profiles etc.)
In January I did a little sprucing up when I played with some maps.
So here it is, note these photos have not been "styled".
What you see is what you get.

Collection of globes on top of the craft cupboard.

World map and the containers I did here :

Close up of containers

This is my computer, where I am typing now, with shelves above holding printer, laminator, microscope and other computer stuff.

This is what the 2 big boys are doing for school work for term one.
This is where they usually sit to do their school work.
I set this up with Deka curtain wire and clips from IKEA and I laminated the sheets, they are set out in subject areas with what they have to do each week.
The map of Australia is above it.

This is the window with the map bunting

and a little close up.
This is the shelf next to the window where I put theme books, we are doing the Human Body for science this year so all these books relate to that.

This is looking out of the study towards the reading room.
I have set up an art table here.

 Thanks for coming on this little tour with me, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Love this room! Found you from Vintage Home! Great blog!

  2. Awesome I love the masses of book shelving and the maps!

  3. I LOVE the decorating you did with maps and globes! Very inspiring!

  4. love your bunting, I am going bunting MAD at the moment!!

  5. The bunting is my favorite! The whiteness of everything keeps it feeling clean. It's great! Lisa~

  6. Oh Deanne! I've had such fun reading through your past posts, and just loved what you've done with the maps! I was also amazed to discover the On-line Maths programme through your link ~ oh, that's just what we needed! I only have my two youngest daughters home schooling now (years 8 and 10), but I'd definitely like to try that maths programme for them both next year - so thank you so much for putting that link in there! I'm so thrilled to have found your blog (through you finding mine :-)thank you!), as I must confess that I thought I was rather alone in enjoying vintage stuff, op-shopping, being creative AND home schooling ~ so it's so wonderful to have someone like-minded! And what's more ~ we both love the Lord! Hope you have a wonderful day, God bless, Brenda


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