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Friday, January 7, 2011

holiday mode

I have just realised that I haven't posted for a week.
What have I been doing?
I don't know that I have really achieved anything much, but that's OK it's holidays.
I have spent quite a bit of time in the pool or sitting by the pool with a magazine and a cold drink in hand watching kids in the pool, dreaming and planning my projects for the year ahead- well until it started raining again!

I really want to go to IKEA and pick up some stuff to organise myself for the start of the new school year, we are heading to the Gold Coast to visit friends this weekend and while IKEA is only an hour from there we won't be able to go as we need a ute (pick-up truck) and no children, so I can wander think and plan and VCH to keep me from getting out of control and to carry stuff for me.
So sometime in the next three weeks we need to do that - well hopefully anyway.

I have been reading some great books on gluten that I borrowed from the library.
One is Gluten Free Girl- I had that finished within 24hrs of picking it up from the Library, not many non fiction books are so fascinating that you just have to keep reading until the end.
I have also been reading another book The Gluten Connection, fascinating stuff about how people with all sorts of digestive disorders from Crohn's to GORD to IBS have been helped by a gluten free diet. 
After reading this book I seriously think that my poor mother suffered from a wheat/ gluten intolerance and would have benefited from a gluten free diet. 
I also found out that only 3% of people suffering from a gluten intolerance have actually been diagnosed- that's an awful lot of people feeling sick and not knowing why, or even not realising they are sick but think it's normal for them to feel that way.

Our dearest pussy, Jazzy has not been seen since New Years Eve, we are convinced that she has met with some catastrophe in the bush around our place, but not knowing what has happened to her is incredibly frustrating, it's hard to get closure when you don't have a body to bury.

The two biggest boys have gone to a friends house for a multi-player marathon, but I still have six children as we have had a niece and nephew over for a sleep over- there is a band happening in my lounge room as I type- I think I need some ear plugs!
B5 turns 6 on Monday and with a weekend away I am not feeling like I am very organised. 
I know I have his main present but am wondering if I have anything else for him?
 I certainly won't be shopping before Monday.
I am hoping to get some painting done next week, I want to repaint our reading room white, and paint the retaining wall around the pool grey and pick some new house colours.

So that's a little round up of the first week of 2011 from me!


  1. I too have been in somewhat of a blogging slump since before the holiday's. It's hard to imagine you hanging out at the pool when it's Winter time here! Wish I could be there to sip on a cool drink with you!

  2. I always have a list going too! Happy new Year -- good luck with crossing off the list!


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