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Friday, January 14, 2011

back to normal

The water is down (note loss of water views in above picture) and we are able to get into town.
VCH went back to work today.
B1 was able to go and mow Poppy's (VCH Dad) lawns.
I was able to get to the library to pick up a heap of reserved books and some fruit and veg, as well as to Bunnings to get some white gloss for edging all my paint work. 
I have started repainting my lounge room, it was painted not long after the reading room, so close on 10 years too.
It was starting to look a little tired, particularly with my lovely white next door.
As it is already a white tone it won't look too much different just cleaner and fresher.

Here is B2's painting back up and my lounge back in place- it needs a good wash though, so I will do that when I am finished the painting. 
I will do a room reveal when I get some more pictures up and the bookshelves done.

Today when I was in Target I came across these reduced from $29 to $11 so I snatched up 3 to hang on my veranda, I used part of a gift voucher that VCH's dad gave me for Christmas, so essentially they are a Chrissie Present cool huh!


  1. Ah yes, the age old story. Paint one room and the rest suddenly need painting too. It's an endless cycle. What I love about reading your blog,(besides getting to know YOU) is learning new words. I don't know what Bunnings is and I've never heard of a lounge room, but I am sure I would love it because we like so many of the same things. Have fun painting! Lisa~

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Bunnings is a big hardware store that sells all things needed for building and home reno's
    A lounge room is what Australians call a living room.


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