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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

random christmas decorating

Here is a close up of part of our tree, it seemed a bit bare last year so I hit the after Christmas sales and bought some new red and silver baubles, it was so much fun getting out the decorations this year and finding boxes of new baubles- the tree is very much child decorated.

I saw this somewhere in blogland and thought it looked pretty, a silver tray and lots of candles, some I had, some I bought at the cheap shop.
Here it is out on the veranda coffee table with a red runner, it has now moved inside onto the dining table.

This is also a copy of something I saw at vintage wanna bee, I just used red and silver baubles because they're what I had.

and topped them with a red ribbon made from a scrap of fabric, I found the green stuff for $5 at the cheap shop.

 With some more $5 green stuff I framed my picture window in the dining room.

I added some red and silver balls that had lost their tops, I just pushed them on the branches, and some silver snowflakes that came with the new decorations are just sort of sitting there.

 A photo was missing from the frame (I'm not sure where it disappeared to) so I printed this subway art off and stuck it in the gap.
 I picked these small letters up at the cheap shop the other day and sprayed them all silver to match.

 JOY can be found on the shelf with the Christmas books and some Christmas Bush in a white jug.
I picked up a bunch at the fruit and veg the other day and I have 5 vases/jars of it around the house now, so good value there (Christmas Bush is an Australian native plant that flowers in summer when it's Christmas, it is so named because of its traditional Christmas colours).

 Here are the PEACE letters on my dining room table.

And a photo of the candles now in my dining room- I told the children that we would light them on Christmas Eve when we have our traditional roast meal.

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  1. I absolutely love your picture frame/window. I'll bet you do too!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  2. How nice! I especially love those bulbs in the window and your white pitcher. Lovely!


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