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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas 2010

Here is just a brief overview of some of the fun Christmas morning at our house.

We started by opening our sacks.

B3 was thrilled with his cooking stuff.

B4 couldn't wait to plug in his hot glue gun- he made a present for a cousin to take to his house on Christmas night!

B5 putting the hooks into his workbench so he could put his tools on it.

The Girl loved her sunnies and was disappointed with the rain because she couldn't wash her clothes.

B1 bought this bike from the dump and did it up for B5 as a Christmas present, B5 just needs to grow a bit before he can ride it!

The three older boys each got a ripstik as their main present.

The 3 little ones got this John Deere tractor to share.

VCH got a bike.

and I got three of these beauties for the pool area!

That's right we got lots of lovely outdoor things and guess what it has been doing- RAINING since last Thursday!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.


  1. I love seeing the pictures of everyone. Great gifts! I love those poolside chairs. They will look great out there! Lisa~

  2. Great chairs. Surely it will stop raining soon. I love how the kiddies got "life" gifts, too.

  3. Love the family pictures. Please stop by and condider becoming a friend/follower. I'm one of yours all ready.

  4. Great poolside chairs Deanne. I am sure the sun will come out soon and you will all be outside enjoying your christmas gifts.


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