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Saturday, December 25, 2010

allergy free christmas

I am planning as much as possible to stay away from gluten and dairy this holiday, I feel so much better on the diet and after having a reaction to something I ate the other day I am not game to eat any wheat.
B4 who is still on the diet with me has chosen to indulge - but I think he will regret it tomorrow, but it is hard to be 8 and have to miss out on food you love!

This is a beautiful moist and easy cake, I just added 2 cups of gluten free self raising flour.
I have made it in the past so knew it would be a success and it doesn't have any dairy or eggs for those avoiding those ingredients.
I will post the recipe for this soon.

I also made these yummy bikkies, toasted almonds, toffee and some chocolate.

 B3 putting on some chocolate.

The finished product.

The gingerbread I made this year is gluten free although I did use butter (as I have a phobia about margarine!)
Woolworths homebrand icing mixture now uses tapioca starch so it's gluten free- but please check ingredients before buying as companies often change them without telling you!

I made trifle for dessert.
I made a GF cake and I made the custard with White Wings Custard powder and Oat milk

Another GF dessert you could make is pavlova but as VCH doesn't like it I only make it for crowds.
If I made it I would top it with just fruit or I would use the above custard rather than cream.

I plan to make blueberry muffins for breakfast while the others indulge in croissants with ham, pineapple and cheese!
Prawns for lunch so I am right there and tonight is a family BBQ at VCH's brothers. 
I think I should be OK with meat and salad, we are taking the befores so I have made sure I can eat stuff in that and I am going to take some of my trifle for dessert in case nothing else is suitable.

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