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Thursday, October 14, 2010

white on white

I bought these white gerberas the other day from the supermarket and put them into my vintage bottles along veranda table to jazz it up a bit for some visitors who were coming.

I decided that a simple white tablescape was in order to compliment the simple white flowers.

The glass dishes were some that used to be my Mum's she gave them to me years ago when I first left home.
The dinner set is a white Lindau one and the cutlery is our wedding Rodd. 
The wine glasses were a wedding present also.
I love this white tablecloth, my SIL got it for a wedding present and I borrowed it a few times for special occasions and one day she just said to keep it because she would never use it- her table was the wrong shape, so I kept it and love it instead!
It gets lots of use and lots of Napisan to keep it white!

Iced water with mint fresh from the garden will be a refreshing drink, served in my Krosno 2.5L jug.

On the other end of the table are salt and pepper shakers, sauce jug with a sprig of mint.

Of course we are on the veranda again!
The reason why I always use my veranda, other than I love it, is that my dining room is rather dark and hard to photograph and my dining table is so huge that I don't often have enough special pieces to use on it, and I would also have to move the children who are busy working in there on their schoolwork (well hopefully!)- so the veranda is the perfect choice.

Did you notice my lovely Directors Chairs

I don't often take photos showing my veranda wall as we started sanding it in order to repaint  but that's as far as we got, I am not sure whether to repaint in the same colour or go grey.
What do you think?

 Here are some night time shots, isn't the black and white contrast stunning?

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  1. How pretty this is. The simplicity of the white is gorgeous!

  2. Deanne, If I had a bright veranda I would use it too! The white is so pretty, with just a touch of the green! Linda

  3. They certainly take center stage-bet everyone thought they were neat!

  4. Deanne, I just love the white gerberas marching down the center of the table! They add a special touch, just right for the elegantly casual feel of this all-white scene. Guests will feel special, indeed!

  5. I love your table. I think the simplicity of the white on white with sprigs of green is so beautiful. You carried this out just perfectly. I will have to try some mint water instead of the lemon all the time!

  6. I love it all! It's so fresh and light and fun. Invite me next time!

  7. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I see you participated in TableScape Thursday too! Great job! It's so beautiful, and uniquely crisp!
    I'm still trying to get together ideas and a project for TabelScape, so hopefully we can see each others creations again! Take care!

    PS: I'm so jealous it's spring on the other side of the world, lol.

  8. Mint in water is lovely and refreshing!

  9. Hi, Deanne! I LOVE the clean white!!!!!! What a lovely, lovely table setting!!! There is nothing like white with clear accent pieces year 'round. Beautiful!

  10. Get out of town! That is so lovely and crisp and welcoming. I love the simplicity of it. By the time I got to the picture of the water with mint leaves in it I was ready to book a flight and come for lunch. It's perfect. I love the night pictures. I don't know if this would work for you, but I bought Christmas lights with white wires (instead of the common green)on clearance last season and I leave them along the top of my porch all year. It creates a wonderful candlelight effect. That would be so pretty at night out there on your veranda! Lisa~

  11. Thanks Lisa, I will have to have a look for some lights like that, it would be very pretty out there!

  12. I love the clean lines and all the white

  13. This is so, so pretty and fresh! I vote for gray for the wall.

  14. Thanks Scribbler, thanks for your colour comment, I keep thinking grey even though it will mean more work but if we are going to change colour now is the time to do it!

  15. Such a sophisticated country moment for your beautiful tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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