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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pool fence

 The last piece of pool fence going in!
Where they are standing we are going to build a shade shelter, so we can watch the little ones swim and not be in the sun.
Can you see the bits of green in the foreground of the photo? 
That's the grass seeds sprouting and starting to grow after all the rain.

One plant has been planted.
I am waiting on some agapanthas from my SIL to be planted on the far side and deep end of the pool.

The kids enjoying the pool on one of the rare sunny days we have had lately.

The Girl in her pool!
Hoping the rain leaves us soon so it can warm up and we can enjoy the pool more!


  1. Wonderful! Sunshine and water, two ingredients to make everyone happy:)

  2. it's great to keep the whole family busy with the building of the pool fence. Just make sure it passes the Pool Fencing Regulations.

    Cheers to family bonding! regards :)

  3. Our pool fence has been inspected by council and complies with their standards. Cheers!


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