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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weekend adventures

The weekend saw us going on a little family outing.
B1 had found that a museum within our local area had a replica of the famous Cobb & Co Leviathan, the largest stage coach ever built. 
Having just finished reading "When Cobb & Co was King" for the second time (he liked it that much) he was keen to go.
This replica was built for a TV series, B1 found that he had actually caught some repeats of this show earlier in the year.

Another smaller Cobb &Co coach.

A restored sulky.

A display of a cartwright.

The museum is actually owned by Russel Crowe, so it has lots of his movie costumes and stuff in it as well, but VCH who was in charge of the camera didn't take photos of any of those things.

A collection of motor bikes.

After the museum we headed off to find somewhere to eat the picnic we had packed.

We ended up at the canoe centre beside Goolang Creek, which is used for kayaking, the creek flows this fast with runoff from the power station.

No swimming is allowed unless you are wearing a PDF and helmet.

After we arrived home a thunderstorm struck and we ended up with a blackout.
While trying to get tea in the semi dark VCH suggested that we ring one of the restaurants in town to see if they had electricity and go out for tea- never one to pass up an opportunity to dine out I jumped at the chance- the guy on the other end of the phone undoubtedly thought I was rather strange when I asked if they had power- once I explained that we were experiencing a blackout all was understood.
The four youngest are pictured here very happy with full bellies and a night out.


  1. What a wonderful family day out!

  2. How fun! I love days like that. Very cool museum. Thanks for the tour! Lisa~


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