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Friday, October 29, 2010

new inventors

Some inventing has been going on at our house this week.
In order to spray bindiis VCH and B4 set about inventing a weed sprayer.

This is Mark I using a golf cart.

A weed sprayer, a piece of wood and watering system.

Testing it out with water, it didn't seem to have enough pressure.

This led to some overnight thinking and the idea to get a bigger container.

VCH came home with this 50L spray bottle (because he didn't have a smaller one in stock)

But this was too big to fit on the trolley and attach the battery that they needed to run the pump that comes with the container.
 So now we have weed sprayer MARK II

In the trailer of the ride on mower.
(this is a test run using water- no my children are not playing near chemicals)
So VCH went off and sprayed the bindis - sorry didn't get a photo- and then it rained overnight and washed all the chemical away, so now he will have to respray! 
Oh the life of an inventor is full of trials and tribulations!

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  1. oh great job. I think your hubby and mine would get on well. Steve is always thinking of what he can make to help him with chores around the house.


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