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Thursday, June 10, 2010

a year round display

In my kitchen are some display shelves.
When I designed my kitchen I wanted some display shelves that I could change around regularly.
I like the fact that I have a neutral kitchen so I can choose any colour scheme I like.

I put this blue and white display up during spring.

These are all items that I had, I haven't bought anything for this display.

I also like to change the picture at the side to match the colour scheme.
Again I make use of the stuff I have.

This is the red display that I put up at the beginning of December.
I am not sure why there is not a photo of the other side.
It had little Christmas trees in it.
I will confess I did buy the red bottles to go here, they were $2 each.
 After Christmas I take the trees down and put in some other red things and then leave it up until the beginning of March.

This tree is at the side and is made of felt coasters that I picked up one year in the after Christmas sales for next to nothing.

Here is the one that I just put up at the beginning of March, in a brown/pottery theme.

The mugs VCH won at golf years ago when we lived in Qld.
I always like a bowl or basket of some description on this shelf near the door to hold bits and pieces.

This is my "brown" picture. 
It is from 1931 and comes from the desk that was my grandparents
It was glued inside the door. 
I laminated it because it was falling apart and now I can display it, it is quite a conversation piece.

This is my white display that I have just done for winter.
I love the simpleness of it.
Yes again all simple kitchen things straight out of my cupboards.

This is the side closest to my door.
As I said before I usually put a basket or bowl here to hold bits and pieces, but I really like the trio of jugs and the butter dish, so the stuff will have to go in the ramekin dish above- not a lot of room so will have to keep the bits sorted regularly.

These things are out of my good dinner set.
I was given the four setting dinner set before I was married, then I found one the same very cheaply and bought it so I had a setting for 8- I must have known we would be a family of 8 one day.
Then one Christmas Paul's Uncle gave me a tea set that he had won, it was the same!
I was so thrilled.

I tend to change them seasonally, well that is the plan anyway.
I find I get sick of them and need to freshen the thing up by putting up a new display, even if the colour schemes remain the same each season - white winter, blue spring, red Christmas/summer, brown autumn - they are never the same, I am sure if I took another set of photos next year they would look totally different.

 I think the best decorating is done when you use things that you already have in a different way or that are usually tucked away in cupboards.


  1. I love all your displays.

    We had display shelves in our first home and I tended to use them as a dumping spot for junk. Wish I had used them like this though.

  2. I have to be careful as the basket bowl nearest the door can get a bit like that - so I try to make sure it stays fairly clean, when it starts to overflow onto the shelf it is time to declutter!


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