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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We had a bonfire on Saturday night as part of B4's birthday celebrations.
We have been saving this up for a while and promised B4 he could light it for his birthday.
We didn't think it was actually goind to light for a while, but eventually after lots of hard work B2 and B3 got a small section to light, VCH had an even small section just going but it was long before the whole thing was ablaze.

VCH enjoying the roaring fire

Oh B1 you lead such a hard life!

The Girl with the obligatory marshmallows on a stick.

B3 with his twistie on a stick.
This is a damper mix wound around a stick and cooked in the fire.
Remove the stick and fill with butter and golden syrup.

Close up of the twistie.

Later on the fire died down.
B's 2, 3 and 4 decided to sleep up there with a pillow and a doona each.
When we got up the next morning there were still some pockets of fire.
We decided to enjoy B4's birthday breakfast of croissants with ham, cheese and pineapple by the remnants fire, before we went to church.

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