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Thursday, May 13, 2010

cubby house

B3,B4 and B5 decided to make some beds and sleep out in the cubby house.

They spent some time constructing and safety testing the beds, including this one up in the rafters, they even made a ladder to get up to it.

VCH declared it safe and B5 slept up here, B4 slept in the other bed and B3 and the girl slept on the floor.
They put old towels over the doors and windows to keep out the cold and used the pads off our outdoor chairs as mattresses.
They slept out there three nights in a row, and only stopped because I said enough is enough.
They talked about doing it again over the weekend but seeing as it is suddenly a lot cooler at night they didn't.


  1. Sounds like they had a heap of fun. Glad they weren't in it last night, so cold this morning.


  2. Yes it is- dressing gowns and slippers are out in force here!


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