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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

all the fun of the fair

Our town had its annual Agricultural Show last weekend.
We took the children for the first time for about five years.
It is just too expensive for a large family to go every year.
In past years we have entered cooking, artwork, or vegetables into the various sections, but it didn't happen this year- I didn't even realise the show was on until the Wednesday.
We had a lovely time and the children used their own pocket money to pay for their rides.

The Girl loved the baby animal farm.

B4 feeding a sheep.

B5 had a cup and saucer ride.

The Girl was very excited about the rides and had fun with B5 on the mini Ferris Wheel.

B2 and B3 enjoyed the dodgem cars.

B3 and B4 wanted a scary ride- this one went upside down. 
B3 had second thoughts and got a little nervous before it started.

Don't you just love the look on their faces during!
B3 came off jumping around and laughing, B4 came off looking a little green around the gills.
B1 missed all the action because he was off sidelining for the senior soccer matches.

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