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Monday, April 26, 2010

rosella cordial

When I was at my local fruit and veg a couple of weeks ago they had locally grown Rosellas for sale. 
They also had some recipe sheets as to what to make with them.
So I got a few to bring home to make rosella cordial with.
I was given a heap of Rosella calyxes about 12 years ago and attempted to make Rosella Jam, unfortunately I overcooked it and it became like toffee.

I always thought Rosella were native to Australia but after a but of googling found that they originate in Africa, but were planted here before European settlement and grow wild around the Northern Territory. 
They are actually classified as bush tucker.

Any way I made some lovely cordial. 
It is quite thick and is lovely poured over ice cream or pancakes.
I followed this recipe here
It also includes some other Rosella recipes that you can try, this was the sheet they had in the shop.
I wish I has bought more now so as to try some different recipes. 
I think the chutney would be lovely.
I actually reboiled the Rosellas and made a second batch but added a little more sugar, this syrup is not as thick but equally nice as cordial.

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