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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

under the big top

Today B5 had a circus themed birthday party, his first ever party.

All the boys helped make some newspaper bunting.
This was in the dining room where we ate.

Red, white and blue streamers in the lounge room gave a big top feel.

B5 was the ring master.

The Girl was a horse riding acrobat.
B4 was a monkey (oops forgot to take a photo).

B3 was Bouncy Wouncy the clown who along with...

...B2 as Curly Wurly performed a clown act.

Then we had games, musical chairs, quoits, shoot silly string at the clown (B4 made the clown above for the game).
Food included fairy floss, hot dogs, chips, popcorn and slurpies.

As well as these circus patty cakes clowns, lions, elephants, tigers and monkeys.

Because it is so hot in January it was just right for an ice cream clown cake.

After cake B5 couldn't wait to open his presents.

The last part of the party was B1 as Mr Twister making balloon animals for the kids before they went home.

It was a great party and all the boys were an enormous help making decorations, performing, cooking and serving food.
They were spared most of the cleaning up as they have all gone camping for two nights at a friend's place.
I am at home with only the two little ones.
It has been a very quiet afternoon!


  1. That looks like a fun party! Great decorations, the cupcakes look delicious.

  2. looks like a fun party. Happy Birthday B5. Our Christopher will be 5 in 5 weeks.

  3. Thanks Ladies,
    It's great when a party goes well and everyone has lots of fun.


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