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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the cats are away so the mice will play....

Well really it's the boys who are away.
It is very strange at our house at the moment.
It has just been the two little ones and myself.
I have had to put clothes on the line, pack and unpack the dishwasher, tidy up and sweep the floors and play with the little ones.
It is funny to go back to the old days when you had no older kids to help.
Mind you with only two little ones the house is no where near as messy, which I find strange because the big ones always blame the little ones for the mess!

We have had some fun.

Decorating these biscuits with icing and lollies left over from B5s birthday party for morning tea yesterday.
Playing with games and toys B5 got for his birthday, reading books, watching a movie and a bit of TV and seeing that it has been hot lots of swims in the pool.

It is also funny adjusting to cooking for half my family.

Last night I made a yummy vegetarian dish using eggplant and golden zucchini from our garden.
There was so much that we have enough for tea tonight.

Oh, well tea's been reheated, time to make a salad and sit down with my little family.
The boys will be home tomorrow afternoon, so I am sure it will soon be back to a messy, noisy household.

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