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Friday, December 11, 2009

hot hot hot

It has been so hot here this week, temperature in the high 30's and even 41C (105.8F) the other day!
It makes it so hard to do anything, it is coming up to Christmas and I can't seem to get my head around any Christmas cooking or cleaning- who wants to cook and clean in this heat!
I just want to sit in the cool with an icy drink and a book!

The temperature is also affecting our satellite- so as the day gets hotter the internet stops working and doesn't start until it cools down again in the evening.
We had a thunder storm last night and today it is overcast. Temperature is still predicted to be 33C with another thunderstorm this afternoon.

I had better go so the boys can do their school work before the internet stops working.
We are coming up to the end of our school year, the summer holidays are almost here and we will welcome the break, but after we fit in Christmas and New Year January always seems way too short before school starts back in February!

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  1. Yes, Deanne, it has been so hot. What a nuisance about the internet during the heat. We also find the hols too short!



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