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Saturday, December 12, 2009

cold day at the beach

A couple of weeks ago we went down to the beach to complete some of our science experiments on a very hot summer day, only to get to the beach about 60kms from our house to find it overcast, windy, cold and ready to rain at any moment.

B1 and B2 measuring the correct distance between the poles before one experiment.

B1 and B2 on the beach recording speed of waves.

B3 was the lackey in the water with the pole.

B1 had a very scientific method for measuring the height of the waves.
He would wade out to the far pole and when the wave came would measure the height on his body then wade back in to shore and measure the height with the tape measure.

B2 with his homemade plankton net collecting plankton.
When we finished on the beach we dried off and changed, and headed to the shop for some hot chips for lunch to warm up before going home.
It was still very hot when we got back to town.
As we were driving away from the beach we could actually see where the line of cloud finished.

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