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Saturday, December 26, 2009

guess what we got

Yep a new trampoline.
See the very sad old one to the left.
VCH and the boys actually put it up last weekend but no-one was allowed on it until Christmas Day.
So after they looked in their sacks, they were allowed outside for a jump, before they gave Mummy and Daddy and Nanna (my mum stayed with us) their presents.

The Girl

B4 and B5




They had a ball or should I say jump.
It has been well used since.
A friend told me the other day that jumping on a trampoline is supposed to be good for your pelvic floor - maybe I should try it.
But you definitely won't be seeing a photo of that!


  1. our children got a trampoline last year. It is one of the best presents we have ever got.


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