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Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas traditions

Our family traditions have evolved over the years and have remained fairly much the same for a number of years.
I already talked about our Christmas readings.
Food plays an important part in our traditions as well.
Tonight is Christmas Eve and we have some special traditions here.
Christmas Eve is a special family night uninterrupted by extended family.
We always have roast pork with crackling and apple sauce, baked vegetables, and a nice dessert- usually a trifle or though I have occasionally made cheesecake.
After we wash up, the children set out their sacks (we don't do Santa) near the Christmas Tree and hopefully now it is getting close to dark (around 8pm) and we all hop into the car and drive into town to look at some Christmas lights.
The little ones will be asleep by the time we get home and then the children are off to bed.
VCH and I then get out their presents and put them in the sacks.
On Christmas morning we are usually up early to open presents.
Then we head off to Church at 8am before either having brunch at VCH sisters place or hosting it at ours. Unfortunately this year as well as two years ago they decided to change Christmas Day service to 9am which is when we start brunch so we were unable to go.
Lots of people in the congregation are unhappy about this change so hopefully it will be back to normal next year.
We head home just before lunch quite full so we might just have a few prawns and fruit.
After lunch is time for a swim, sleep, rest or quiet play with presents.
Then in the evening we catch up with the rest of VCHs family at either his sisters, brothers or our place, I hosted last year, VCHs sister is hosting this year, we either have a light tea of cold meat and salad or just some finger food.
My mum usually comes along for the ride and is this year coming on Christmas Eve and staying overnight and Christmas Day and we will take her back in the evening.
We usually have Christmas with my sister on the Saturday or Sunday just before Christmas, as she is often away at Christmas.
This year she was in Europe and only got home on Tuesday so we will do something after Christmas this year.

Another tradition is one of baking things to give as presents, often biscuits, cakes and other goodies.
This year we will be including some zucchini relish, gingerbread stars and a rich fruit cake.

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