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Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas wrap up

I know Christmas has been and gone, and the New Year is about to begin, but I just wanted to share with you some things we made for Christmas.

This is a gingerbread star tree, it looked lovely on the table and was thoroughly enjoyed the next day.

The gingerbread house.
We only really manage to make one of these every second year.
This year we cheated and used a pre-made one from IKEA.
I actually bought one to use last year but B2 dropped the box and smashed all the pieces.
Even this year there were some broken bits even though it hadn't been dropped.
We glued these back together with icing.
B4 loves this tradition and ended up being the only one that did it with me.

Here are some things I made for gifts.
I did a lovely basket of goodies up for my MIL as she loves home made relishes.

Zucchini relish made with golden zucchinis from our garden.
I had some of this on a ham sandwich yesterday and it was delicious.

Mango Chutney

Fruit Chutney made with tomato and onion from the garden.

Gingerbread stars for nieces and nephew.

Shortbread snowflakes, these are cinnamon ones that were dusted with cinnomon and sugar prior to baking, but I did ones covered with snow (icing sugar) as well.
We made some other delectable treats, gourmet rocky road, peppermint bark, and mini Christmas cakes but I didn't take any photos.
And before you think I spent weeks prior to Christmas in the kitchen cooking, these were very last minute. The mango and fruit chutneys were made on the Monday and the rest on Christmas Eve while the children tidied and cleaned the house around me.

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