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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bookshelf in parent's retreat

This is the bookshelf with the books now in it.
I have plenty of room to add to it.
I decided to use the middle shelves for a display at the moment, you will notice that I stuck with the red and white theme that the room has at the moment.

Here is a couple of little details in the display.

Here is my ruby Mary Gregory candy jar that I got from my aunt.

A little bit of Christmas.

 and a bit more on my coffee table (blanket box)

Here is a photo looking into the room from the landing, notice "the Girl" asleep on my bed- this is where she has her afternoon nap.

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  1. Hi - I am now follower # 85. Found you on Vintage Home's blog list. I've peeked at your blog before and enjoyed reading about your adventures in decorating.
    - Joy


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