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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

advent at our house

This year we are reading through Jotham's Journey during advent.
We own all three books in this series and have read all of them it the past, we have done something different for a couple of years but have included it again this year.

We are also doing  a Jesse tree, I made the felt ornaments last year but I started late and we didn't quite get through all the readings last year, but we are being more diligent this year.
 Right is a close-up,  left is a distant view - we still have a few to go until Christmas Eve.
The children sit as quietly as they can to listen to the bible passage and get picked to put the decoration on the tree.

Our Mary and Joseph are slowly making their way to Bethlehem.

Some years we don't do much for advent as I am too tired.
It is the end of the school year and we are trying to get school finished and it is so hot that it drains your energy.
I am planning to do some cleaning at the end of the week and then next week I will cook some biscuits, cakes and other things for gifts.


  1. Deanne, I hadn't heard of a Jesse Tree until this year. Can you recommend a good resource/website which you find most helpful.

  2. I will email you my word document with the symbols and readings, I am not sure of my original source but I think it came from Erin's Catholic Home-schoolers forum. I am sure if you Google it you will find plenty of info.


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