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Monday, November 2, 2009

jetty jump

When we were at the beach two Saturday's ago.

B2 wanted to jump off the jetty where the local kids do, he has done this before.
B3 and B4 thought that they would join him.

It took a while to get the courage up for the first jump, but once that was over with B2 kept on going.

B3 decided it was just too high and decided to play it safe and jump off one of the pylons lower down.

B4 made several attempts but in the end couldn't go through with it (it's a good 5-6 metres)

so he also ended up on the lower one as well.

B1 who is not into jumping from great heights swam out to us from shore.

I took the photos, my days of jumping from great heights are probably over.
Although I did jump off the 3 metre board at our local pool a couple of years ago to show the scardy cats (B1 and B2) how it was done.
My friend who was watching hailed me a hero.
Unfortunately you are no longer allowed to jump off the 5 metre tower unless a lifeguard is there to supervise (not like when I was a kid).
B2 has done this before in school holidays when they had it open.
VCH has never jumped off any of the towers even when he was a kid which I find amazing. So amazingly enough I have a couple of dare devil feats up on him, probably the only time I ever will!

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