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Monday, November 2, 2009

from my local library

I was very excited to be able to borrow these books from my local library recently.

So many great ideas here - I think I will give this to B4 and just let him choose some things to make.

I love making stuff from pillowcases.
The only thing with this book is that I find confusing is that pillowcases in the US must be constructed a little differently to our in Australia, because they talk about top seams and only one side seam. Where we have no top seam, two side seams and one end has extra tucked up to hold the pillow in the case and in all these both ends of the pillowcase looks the same.
Maybe some of my American readers can enlighten me a little on this.

I think I will be keeping this out for a while as long as someone else hasn't reserved it.
I need to get in and do a wee bit of sewing me thinks- its been way too long!!
Great to see some beautiful new craft books at the library.

I think I will have to put these on my Christmas wish list!


  1. They look like good finds Deanne. When you have finished with them I might reserve them! Book Depository has a good price on Sewing Green.

  2. the Booktopia price for green crafts for children was a bargain, will have to check out postage though


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