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Saturday, October 31, 2009

since i was last here

I have been meaning to post all week.
I have lots of things to catch you up on.
Where the time has gone I'm not sure.
So a quick run down of the last 2 weeks.

1. Started organising B3's 10th birthday party for next Saturday (birthday Friday).

2. Met at the river with out home school group for a picnic and a swim.

3. Been sorting out a huge pile of magazines a friend gave me in order to pass them on.

4. B1 and B2 had their first game of cricket, it takes two weeks to play one game last week and this week, both of their teams won.

5. Took B3 and B4 to practice sessions for an upcoming fun run they wish to compete in.

6.Went to Coffs Harbour last Saturday to pick up B1's replacement bow as the last one broke (this is the second one to break first one happened on second shot) and get stuff for B3's birthday party.
Then had a late lunch of chips at the beach and a swim.
B2, B3 and B4 decided to jumped off the jetty into the ocean with the local kids (post coming).

7. Looked at and bought a lounge for the parent's retreat (more to update you on that there) - lounge is now taking up lots of space in my lounge room still wrapped up until our new room is finished.

8. VCH finished painting new room and so I have now moved our bedroom furniture into there in order to repaint the walls and redo the floorboards.
It's like a little holiday and very cute in our little veranda bedroom. (post coming)

9. I have been reading the last two books in the Crown and Covenant series by Douglas Bond, they arrived from Book Depository this week.
Amazing story of the persecution of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland by the English wanting to make everyone Anglican in the 1600's.

10. B3, B4 and B5 started swimming lessons on Thursday and are loving it.

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