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Saturday, October 10, 2009

the girl's room

This is The Girl's room.
She is very spoilt, with a room of her own!
After five boys I couldn't wait to decorate a little girl's room.
The three boys (B3,4&5) have shared a room since before The Girl was born.
We used the room that they now share as a playroom and they all lived in what is now The Girl's room.
Last year when we decided to give the girl her room we did some swapping, repainting and redecorating and now this is The Girl's room.
It is the smallest bedroom but is still really generous when I see the size of bedrooms in newly built homes.

Her clothes are in this old dresser.
With extra toys in the cupboard underneath (the ones that need a little holiday).

Toys, books and keepsakes live here.
The porcelain dolls on top are from my mother- her hobby before she lost her sight.

Her bed.

Her pyjama bag.

Her reading chair.

The window with some special dresses hanging up.

She doesn't have hanging space in her cupboard so some dresses hang on the side of it on hooks, on the window or on the door.
The pink gingham was mine, my mother made it and embroidered it when I was little.

Her play kitchen.

Her little table and chairs.
VCH originally made these for B1 and B2 when they were little.
They have had a few transformations over the years.
For the girl they were painted white and the chairs covered with a green vintage floral fabric.
The Red Riding Hood painting is one of B2's - another prize winner.

Bunting inspired by Soule Mama.

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