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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the walls are up

Here are some more in progress pictures.
We have put the sarking up, and have clad the walls,

except for the bit where the window goes.

The blue bits are where we have reused some of the cladding that we had pulled off the front and from our extension.

We need to wait another week or so for the window to be finished before we can fit it and finish the outside.
The Electrician came today to put in the wiring for the lights and the power points.

We now have plastic at the window because VCH has removed the glass sliding door that led from our bedroom onto the verandah, so it's now like a real room.

He is putting down MDF onto the already existing veranda floor, so that we can get the floor up to the right level for when we add the floating floor.


  1. Wow Deanne, that's taking shape so quickly.
    You certainly have a VVCH. You must be looking forward to the new window going in.


  2. Yes VCH is a man of action and likes to get projects done as quick as possible. He brought home the gyprock tonight so will be starting that now- I'll keep you updated!


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