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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

clean room

We did a major clean out of the three little boys room.
It took nearly all day and after many tears and tantrums from all involved finally it was finished.
B3 has his own half of the room divided by their chests of drawers and B4 and B5 have the other half with bunks.

I try to keep it as minimalist as one can with 3 boys sharing a room, but B4 and B5 still manage to make it a mess and still manage to get lots of junk in there, some of which doesn't even belong to them!
Anyway the room now looks lovely (how long it will stay that way is another story).
These suitcases under B4 and B5's bunks are for their special things, B3 has two under his bed, one for his special things and one for the wooden train set.

I was going to buy some plastic containers that would fit under the beds, B4 and 5's bunk is quite low to the ground, when I came up with the brainwave of getting some old suitcases. They cost about $2 each from various Op shops and look great and are much more practical.

This is B3's reading corner.

This blog post was started a couple of weeks ago and I was going to take some more photos of B3's half.
Well needless to say the room does not look this way now.
Wouldn't it be nice to only have to clean up once and the room stay tidy!

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea of using old suitcases, might try that at our place.
    Yes, if only their rooms would stay as you left them.


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