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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

silk paintings

These are the silk paintings that the B3, B4 and B5 created for their dad for his birthday (back in May).
A friend showed us how to silk paint last year when we studied Ancient China.
I thought it was lots of fun so went and bought some silk paints and gouda.
I had trouble getting some silk but found a wholesaler and purchased some quite cheaply.

B3 and B4 drew their picture on paper first and then I traced it in pencil onto the silk.
I use embroidery hoops to hold the silk taut, hence the round shape of the finished product.

B4 drew a picture of VCH's new boat.
I did the gouda for him as this is quite difficult.

I helped B5 draw a simple picture of a fish that Dad is going to catch- one day!
The water effect comes from putting salt onto the slightly wet paint.

B3 did a picture of VCH's other passion -GOLF.
He did his own gouda, before painting and used the salt on his sky.

To make them into wall hangings, I cut out a piece of box cardboard into a circle I attached the front with a little spray adhesive first to keep it in place before gluing the back, pulling it taut and gluing with my hot glue gun.
I then covered up the ugly bit at the back with a slightly smaller circle of felt and used some wool to create a loop to hang it from.

Needless to say VCH was thrilled with his birthday presents!
His other birthday present was having to stay home from work on his birthday because we were cut off from town by flood waters!

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