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Thursday, August 6, 2009

pencil and crayons rolls

A dear friend gave me a new set of block crayons and in order to keep them nice I made a roll to keep them in.
I was not sure how to do this but sort of figured it out as I went along.
I made it from a felt square and folded up the sides to fit in each crayon, then I just sewed up the sides and along each fold to make individual pockets for each crayon.
I attached a ribbon to tie it together.

Earlier this year I bought my 4 older children a pack of 24 Lyra colouring pencils each, so I needed to make some rolls for them. B2 got a nice set of Lyra metallic pencils for Christmas so I made them a roll as well.

I had seen Soule Mama's in her book, The Creative Family so sort of got some ideas from that but didn't follow her instructions exactly. I took two squares of felt and sewed them together. Then I folded over top and bottom and sewed the sides. I then (and this was the tedious bit) sewed enough openings on the bottom wider bit for each pencil. The top is just sewn in the middle as it is just to protect the top of the pencils. I have finished it by sewing a ribbon to the outside to tie it with.

I ran out of steam and so still need to make B1 and B2's, but after starting this blog post, I was inspired to go and make one for B5's new Lyra Ferby's and The Girl's hand me down Lyra pencils.

I made B5's with pockets that fit 3 pencils and instead of ribbon I sewed elastic as I thought this would be easier for him.

The Girls is like an envelope with a button to do it up, this holds her pencils and her scissors (she likes cutting!)

They are also made out of felt. This is some spotted stuff I picked up at Spotlight some time ago, but didn't know what to use it for- until now.
I think they look very cute, for two cute kids!

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